Building Your Own Website

I thought I would share some web hosting jargon so that you might understand what they are talking about when you set up your first website

  • BACKLINK- This is a link from another webpage back to you
  • CAPTCHA- Completely Automated Public Turing test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart. Often used in connection with contact us or comment forms.
  • CSS- Cascade Styled Sheets Design- are used to define the look of the website with HTML co’de working in the background.
  • CMS- Content Management System- this is a system in place that separates the front end design and back end of informational data.
  • DNS- Domain Name Server- this is the item that converts the IP addresses into domain names.
  • DOMAIN NAME- this the name you see on the browser bar instead of an IP address which is mapped to an IP address
  • FAVICON- It’s the small mini picture of your logo and appears in the web browsers
  • FRONT END- This is part that everyone can see on your website
  • BACK END- The is usually the accounting or creation end of your website that only you can see
  • HTML- HYPERTEXT MARKUP LANGUAGE, It’s the main way to provide the content/design to your website in code that the computer understands.  Can also be used to determine how your design is display in your website.
  • HTTP- HyperText Transfer Protocol-these are the rules for transferring information between the servers and website. HTTPS- Means it is over a secure encrypted connection line.
  • HYPERLINK- This is the clickable area inside your paragraph that will take directly to that particular website
  • LANDING PAGE- This is the first page your customer comes to or “lands” on when they visit your site
  • LIQUID LAYOUT- This a type of a webpage layout that moves with your screen size. One that looks the same whether you are on your laptop, desktop or mobile phone. 
  • META DATA- It is the data that is in the header that explains what your site is about
  • META TAG- Is a HTML data with the code the directs visitors to a specific item
  • TEMPLATE- is the way you want your website to look to the outside world. This is a package that includes all your layouts, design and HTML code within.  It is the décor of your website.
  • URL- Uniform Resource Locator- this is the browser address and points to your webpage.



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