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5 Top Mistakes When Working With Color In Soapmaking

This is an article that I posted on my other blog and thought I would share it here..

Swirled Soap By Mossy Creek Soap

1. SELECTING TOO MANY DARK COLORS– I go back to my photography composition and rule of thirds skills on this one. It’s important to create balance, a good balance of light and dark.

2. NEGLECTING TO TEST YOUR COLORS BEFORE YOU SWIRL THEM– This one is important because if you know what the outcome is going to be..

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Building Your Own Website

I thought I would share some web hosting jargon so that you might understand what they are talking about when you set up your first website

  • BACKLINK- This is a link from another webpage back to you
  • CAPTCHA- Completely Automated Public Turing test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart. Often used in connection with contact us or comment forms.
  • CSS- Cascade Styled Sheets Design- are used to define the look of the website with HTML co’de working in the background.


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Focus on Success

Planning for a new retail store allowed me to focus on branding and every aspect of retail psychology.  Knowing where I was moving into was a huge help as well. We had plenty of time to plan and create fixtures for our new store.  

I can now see which items that are hits and others that are misses. A lot of planning doesn’t mean you get to rest.  The next steps involve customer responses to our product lines and brand.  Did they buy it? Why YES they DID!


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