"At the end of June 2014, I had the pleasure of being taught soapmaking by Michelle, owner of Mossy Creek Soap Studio. The classes were beyond what I expected. I knew I would return. I took soaping 101 again, because I wanted to know more. I also attended the class on soap design the second half of the day. Michelle taught techniques that have proven invaluable. A few weeks later, I returned for essential oil blending and beer/wine soapmaking classes, taught by Theresa Mendez, a guest teacher from Texas. Great learning day! Loved making beer soap & wine soap. I followed those inspiring classes with two full days with Michelle at the soap studio. First day soaping and Michelle answering every fragrance, colorant, swirl technique, essential oil question I threw her way. Day two: business. time management. costs. efficiency in soapmaking. soaping room direction. I purchased the SoapMaker Program (which is awesome!). Michelle gave instruction on how to use the program - helped me set up my supply list, oils, fragrances, set up recipe examples for me to follow….and the list goes on. I'm very thankful for Michelle sharing her experience and expertise with me. Having no clue what to do first, having Michelle teach me the "Always" and the "Nevers" of soaping, and her sound business advice, I am on my way. I will continue my soaping education with Michelle at Mossy Creek Soap Studio! Thank you for everything.-ne complaint -- distance. I live in SW Florida. Michelle, I guess your moving is out of the question, right? Just asking."- Dawn Barry, Passport Designs 

I recently attended my 2nd soap class with Michelle, an advanced design class.  We worked through design, color, and several different swirling techniques. Michelle provides an excellent hand-out and follows up with an email of all the links she references during class.  She goes step-by-step and everyone participates in the process.  Class sizes are small and there's a comfortable atmosphere where you feel free to ask as many questions as you want. And you're not forgotten after class is over.  If you have questions, you can call or email Michelle and she's happy to help. I can't speak highly enough of Michelle, she's very talented and a great instructor!  -Debbie Snellgrove

"Long ago I found out that just because someone is good at something that doesn't mean they are good at teaching it. Well Michelle Rhoades of Mossy Creek Soap Studio is excellent at both! She is well prepared, sensitive to needs of the group, open for questions but leads in a way to not waste time but stay on tract. Michelle is an artist! Her soaps, studio and business branding are an artistic expression. So is her teaching! I learned so much from the Fast Track class! Thank you, Michelle! You give, and give and give some more!"-Margaret Morales, Pool House Art

I really enjoyed taking your class. You are a great teacher. It was not only informative but fun as well. I will be back for another class. Thanks again for everything. Two thumbs up for Mossy Creek Soap Studio.- Dorthy Drinnan 

I recently attended Michelle's cold processed soap class and it was great learning experience!  Michelle is a natural when it comes to teaching and she's happy to share everything she knows.  The class size is kept small so everyone gets the hands-on experience. I plan to take several more of her classes and highly recommend Mossy Creek Soap Studio! -Debbie Snellgrove

I took Michelle's cold process soapmaking class and business class in June 2013.  I have been making soap for 5 years, and have had to learn a lot on my own.  However, I learned some great new things from Michelle, and am going to try them this month.  Her class gave me the courage to try some new things and I feel like her class opened my eyes to try some new things.  Thank you, Michelle!- Steve Schwedel

I recently took Michelle's cold processed soap and advanced design classes.  She's a good teacher and covers how to make soap, how to make it pretty, and how to make it safely. I used what I learned in class to make my first batch of soap today and it turned out beautifully!  I enjoyed the classes I took and highly recommend them to anyone interested in learning how to make soap.  I certainly plan to go back for some of the other classes Michelle offers.- Connie Scarborough

"What a wonderful experience! I spent two whole days with Michelle at Mossy Creek Soap Studio. For fear of working with lye, I never made cold processed soap. I no longer have that fear. Michelle's teachings gave me the courage to branch out with bath and body collection. I need to know exactly how something works, why it works, or why it has to be done a certain way. Michelle answered my every "why" and "how." Safety to Michelle is paramount. I forgot to put on gloves and was reaching for product. She stopped me before I grabbed the bottle and reminded me to always wear protective gear. Michelle gave me the "always" and "nevers," which are words that stick with me. We made cold processed soap and liquid soaps, using two different types of lye. Just beautiful. The soaps are gorgeous and wonderfully fragrant. The liquid soap feels and smells wonderful. Her advice about the soap business was invaluable. She is outstanding in her field. A great instructor.
I live in SW Florida and drove 7.5 hours for the classes. It was worth every second of the drive. So much so, I just signed up for two classes next weekend. I cannot wait! I would highly recommend Mossy Creek Soap Studio to anyone. Thank you Michelle for everything!"   Dawn Barry, Passport Designs LLC  


"All I can say is WOW!!! I spent 2 full days with Michelle and enjoyed every minute of it! She was an outstanding teacher and was very knowledgable in all things soap, bath and body. Every question I threw at her she came back with an answer. I am one of those folks that like to know the "why" behind everything and she knew it all! Her classroom materials were so detailed and very nicely put together. The studio was immaculate and a great learning environment. I cannot say enough good things about Michelle and Mossy Creek Soap Studio. Oh...and her business advice...Double WOW. if you are thinking about going into business, consult with Michelle FIRST! She will help you overcome a ton of learning curves and you will be up and running in no time. I am so happy I found you Michelle! Thank you so much for your time and patience and for sharing all your knowledge with me. I will definitely be back. :-)" -Michelle Shave 

My girlfriends and I took two of the classes this past weekend and absolutely LOVED the experience. Michelle is a born teacher- open, informative, happy to share her craft and very, very detailed. We are all ready to suit up in our own homes and get to making soaps. If anyone is interested in learning this wonderful craft, I would highly recommend Mossy Creek. It was worth every minute ! -Heidi Bassano, Lynden International 

I want to thank Michelle for everything.  It was a natural progression from melt & pour and Michelle made the transition wonderful.  The class was very informative and Michelle will  make sure everyone is comfortable and confident in their soapmaking.  I will deffo come back for the fragrance class when there is one.  I had a great time. The class is worth every penny spent.  Thank you so much Michelle.Rhonda Walker, Rhonda's Soap and Stuff 

I had such a great time at my class. You have so much knowledge and can teach on anyone's level. I look forward to more classes. You are a great mentor. I thank you again.- Holly Brown 

I loved your Cold Processed Soap Class! This class was awesome! Thank you for your hospitality, enthusiasm and patience. Your class was very informative. I learned so much from you. I have no more fear of working with lye. Thank you! The hands on experience was priceless. Michelle...YOU ROCK!- Jill Thompson

I had the opportunity to attend Michelle's two-day class in June 2012 and I thoroughly enjoyed it. There were seven of us in the class. Michelle is very passionate about teaching all she knows about soapmaking and she is very generous with her knowledge. She wanted all seven of us to have a hands-on experience in her class and she gave us all a chance to do so because she wanted us to be able to make soap when we got home. Michelle told us to contact her if we had problems with our soapmaking and I did. I emailed her three times within a week regarding my soapmaking and she replied very quickly and answered all my questions. I hope that Michelle will start an intermediate soapmaking class because I will certainly take her class again. Her two day class is definitely worth every penny!- Patricia Nielsen

Michelle is awesome! I actually took her Cold Processed Soap Making course a little over a year ago, but the true gem lies in the private mentoring that I obtained recently via her Bath Body Business Consulting Module - customized specifically for my very own niche spa product company! Obtained an UNBELIEVABLE amount of marketing insight, entrepreneurial resources, & overall personal guidance from her!!!! If you are interested in the business of crafting, selling, & marketing bath/body related items - locally or nationally - then Michelle can and will help you! -Rashida Jefferson

I took Michelle's class yesterday. IT WAS FANTASTIC! The class size was small enough that everyone could see and participate in the soap making process. Michelle is very generous with sharing her knowledge and experiences, and vendor source information. It was definitely worth the drive.- Anne Perrett

I want to thank you so much for all that you taught me today. You are a wonderful teacher with so much to offer, a true inspiration for a novice as I am. I look forward to learning even more by "doing" and I am actually looking forward to making some mistakes to enable me to learn even more. I promise that when I have successfully made my first batch that I will share it with you as my teacher and mentor.Thank you again for the knowledge you have bestowed upon me. I promise to put it to good use. Good luck with your business. You have quite a bit to be proud of and I feel a successful future.Candace Snipes

My two daughters (ages 9 & 12) and I been taking soap making classes from Michelle for about a year now. My daughters love making soap and even better, they LOVE using the soap. They actually WANT to take a bath or shower now! Today we had our 9yr old daughter's birthday party at Mossy Creek Soap Studio. The party was a "Rock Star" theme. We made bath salts and bath tea. We also played games and karaoke. What a blast! All the kids (and adults) had a fabulous time. Thanks so much for everything Michelle! You really made my daughter's birthday a VERY special day. My daughter said "Mom, this was the best birthday ever".Brigid O'Hearn

Wedding Favor Soaps~ To say the soaps were a success is an understatement. Everyone loved them. We set the tables Saturday afternoon and when we went in the room on Sunday morning, the room smelled just like lavender. It was such a pleasure to work with you and I wish you continued success. My thanks!Wren Newman