4 oz Body Butter Lotion

$ 10.00

We have had an overwhelming response to our NEW body Lotions that we placed it into a JAR! This lotion is so thick it did not want to come out of our bottles. 

So we have placed this Goats Milk Lotion in a JAR for easy application. We are calling it a body butter to give you an idea of how thick it is. This Body Butter/Lotion when applied to hands as a hand cream will stay on through 2 hand washings.

See all of our wonderful scents below:
  • Coconut- Escape on a tropical breeze, this one will remind you of your favorite coconut suntan lotion
  • Lavender- Lavender Essential Oil, make this one a true before bedtime necessity 
  • Lemonade- A nice blend of Meyer lemon, rose and jasmine. Fresh, Crisp 
  • Peaches- Voted the best peach scent, ripe peaches with vanilla and cream. 
  • Raspberry-Black raspberries mixed with hints of plum and vanilla, a very nice berry scent
  • Seven Seas- Imagine yourself on the beach with the salty marsh splashed by an ocean breeze
  • Verbena-A true SOUTHERN favorite scent,  top note of citrus with floral undertones
  • White Tea- A nice blend of citrus, jasmine and oriental spice