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4lb Wooden Soapmaking Mold

$ 55.00

The quality in this mold surpasses anything you can get on the internet. This is a wooden soapmaking mold with the inside measurements of: 14 L X  3.25 W X 3.50 H (inches). Fantastic for CP and HP soap making. Fits approximately 88 ozs of oil plus your lye and water. 4 lbs completed weight.  Creates about 13 bars with 2 end pieces. 

If you are making your own soap or would like to..then you need to be using a wood mold such as this one. It retains the heat for soap to gel properly and you can also leave the lid off to make goats milk soap~

This is a work horse in our studio.. we use only wood molds. Lined them with a plastic bag or freezer paper.