Soapmaker Program Lite Edition

$ 49.00

SoapMaker 3 Lite Edition is a computer program for Soapmakers to help you design your own recipes.  I have been designing my own soap recipes and used this program exclusively since I began. This program makes it very simple to figure how much lye to use, adjust recipes by doubling it or downsizing it. I also show this program to all my students because I firmly believe it is a necessity to any soapmaker. It also works great for making Lotions, Liquid Soaps and more!

Look at these fabulous features:

  • Recipe Calculation:
  • Lye, water and fragrance calculation
  • Total recipe cost, and cost per bar/portion
  • Liquid and Cream soap calculators
  • Graph of soap qualities
  • Resize to fit molds
  • Non-soap recipes to handle lotions, candles, etc.
  • Choose from more than 80 standard oils provided
  • Add your own oils and additives
  • Include packaging items to see actual recipe costs
  • Save all your recipes, organized by group and type
  • Describe and save your molds for instant recipe re-sizing
  • Maintain supply purchase records, and supplier list.


Currently doesn't run on a MAC or APPLE

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